Journey to Healthy Living

It is never too late to start.

If you know me you will know that if give the option between a healthy meal or snack I will most likely go with the other option, whatever it may be. Unhealthy has (now slowly but surely HAD) my name all over it. After really noticing my body and listening to it, I knew that it was time to chance. Not just short term but thinking long term. I want to live a long healthy life so in order to do so, I need to make choices now that I will maintain and improve into the later years of my life.

I have decided that I wanted to change my lifestyle and incorporate healthier choices. A healthy lifestyle does not happen over night. It takes days, weeks, and months of getting used to. Some days are harder than others especially when unhealthy options are everywhere and most times than not, a lot cheaper. Being a college student on a budget, the cheapest option seems to be a no brainer.

Making healthier choices is a habit that is hard to incorporate, but adding a healthy habit each week or so, helps.

My FIRST step: 

Listen to my body. Go to the doctor. Get a check up.

listen to your body

I am the kind of person that during the semester I tend to ignore my body and put all my time and energy into school and extracurriculars. I am slowly coming to learn that this is a big NO NO. I am doing more damage to by body this way. I have noticed throughout my years in college, that my energy level, weight and overall physical feeling fluctuates from winter/summer breaks and fall/spring semester.

Having time to see a doctor, is an excuse I use during the semester. BUT in reality, like the saying goes, we make time for what we want. Clearly, during the semester is not my priority when in reality it should be. Without energy how am I supposed to make it through class, work, studying, meetings, etc? Apparently, I found my solution with coffee and sugary drinks. Definitely, not the best option combined with lack of sleep and lack of healthy or proper eating.

I decided that it was now to time to listen to my body. During the winter/summer breaks, I tend to be on top of my health. Any little change in my body, I get checked out from headaches to back pain etc.

Step Two

Yup, the sweets have got to go.

This was hard. Sweets, anything sweet, everything sweet. Sweet. Sugary. Sweet.  I have always craved and got myself what I wanted.

SweetsEverything was better with some sugar.

But after realizing just how much sugar I was taking in, it was time to slowly cut that out of my diet. There was so much sugar in my drinks and the unhealthy foods that I always wanted and got myself.

Cutting down on sugar, helped me pick out better food and drink choices.

Soon after cutting down on sweets I noticed my skin becoming less oily and having more energy throughout the day. Yes, of course, I wanted to treat myself to some sweets, but I had to have more self control. I am one who likes to snack a lot, I had to learn to slowly let go or sugary snacks and incorporate fruits. Bananas and apples were my go to.

Bananas and apples

What helped with the incorporation of fruits into my daily diet, was going to the gym more often. While some may treat themselves to a small sweet snack after he gym, I looked forward to eating an apple. When I think back to my journey to incorporating healthier habits, I think back a my 2015 Spring semester where the gym was part of my everyday routine no matter the weather and what always kept me going was eating a fruit after. Natural sweets. Remembering this feelings helped me cut down on sweets.

Here and there, especially on weekends I slip up a lot. But I try to catch myself.

It’s all about being disciplined and knowing the see no to what is not good for you.

Step tr3s

Quench that thirst.


But not with a Sprite, a Coke, a Fanta, a Pepsi etc. Instead:


But with water.

I noticed that during the semester, I would wake up very thirsty ad feel very weak and sometimes dizzy throughout the day. As I began to Google my symptoms, a lot of what I was finding was that I could be dehydrated. Which I too believed I was.

I’ve always been that person that you would meet that would say that they did not like water because it ha no flavor. But of course not, it is water. It is natural. Coming from someone who loved and enjoyed sweet drinks, it was no surprise that I would not like water.

So I decided that water was something that I needed to incorporate in my daily life ASAP. It’s a no brainer that I, well everyone too, should be drinking enough water daily when 60% of our bodies are made up of water. I think back to the days and weeks that I would go without drinking water. How was I still alive? Good things I didn’t notice when it was too late.

As I began to incorporate water into my daily diet I began to feel as though it was a chore. I would have to remind myself every hour or so to take some sips. I set goals for myself as to how much water I wanted to drink while I was in class, at work, by lunch time, by dinner time etc. I guess this fits into who I naturally am. I like my days planned out hour by hour.

As the days went by I would drink more and more water. It got to the point where all I drank was water. But yes of course, on weekends I would have my soda. But I must say that is way better then my previous habit of having a sugary and unhealthy drink with every meal and between meals. So I was making progress. I then began to notice how much more energized and happy I felt. I began to wake up every morning craving some water. Throughout the nights I got thirsty and began to leave a bottle or cup of water near my bed. Only downside to this new found relationship with water, was that my bladder began to feel so weak or so full? I was going to the bathroom so often now but I felt great so it was the sacrifice I had to make. I know enjoy drinking water.


Currently working on making this one a habit. But with 28 days of doing this daily, it will soon become a part of me again.

So what was my fourth step?